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Why use us for your mortgage?

There are many reasons why coming to The Mortgage Company is a great idea. A mortgage is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, financial commitment you will make. That's a big deal, and not something to take lightly or rely on online research for. At The Mortgage Company, we use mortgage sourcing systems with access to a broad range of up to date deals from various mortgage lenders, saving you the hard work or the wonder if you could have achieved a more suitable deal. Here are a few examples of how coming to The Mortgage Company could benefit you.


Access to a broad range of the mortgage market

As a mortgage broker, we have access to a huge range of mortgage lenders, each with their own criteria in which we can analyse and work through to find a suitable solution for you.
We have direct contact with the lender's business development support teams, access to lending criteria and affordability calculators. This means we can carry out extensive research on your behalf, providing you with peace of mind that we have all the tools at our disposal to find you the most appropriate deal


Supporting you from start to finish

We are there for you from our initial conversation, right through to sourcing the most suitable mortgage, applying for the mortgage and progressing through to completion. If this means you would like us to have a chat with your estate agent, recommend a solicitor, or have any questions about the process along the way, we can. We don't just disappear once the mortgage offer arrives - we will see you through to that all important completion date!


Broker exclusive products

From time to time (and actually quite regularly), mortgage lenders provide intermediaries with "intermediary exclusive" products which are not available directly to customers. This can be exclusive in that the lender fee for arranging the mortgage may be cheaper, the interest rate may be lower, or there could be additional incentives such as cashback or a free valuation that you would not have received by going directly to the lender, so coming to us could save you money.


Lending criteria

It is easy to underestimate how different we all are and how our income, outgoings, and day to day life can impact the lending decision of a mortgage. We have experience working with hundreds of people from different backgrounds and working experience. You could be self employed, receive commission or overtime, on a zero hours contract, a professional landlord - no problem. The same can be said for property criteria; not every property is going to be a standard construction and we work with lenders who can consider the more unusual property type.


Communication & updates

Your communication with us can be face to face, over the phone, Zoom, via email or Whatsapp - whatever suits you best! If we don't have the pleasure of meeting you in person, we simply ask for additional ID and address verification for verify you are who you say you are. Once your mortgage application is submitted, we will keep in touch, providing you with updates from the mortgage lender. We like to set your expectations and will provide you with the estimated turnaround times from the mortgage lender so that you know when to expect a response.


Supporting a small business

Last but not least - by coming to The Mortgage Company, you will be supporting a small business. You will know exactly who you are working with the whole way through your mortgage journey, and won't  be passsed between different people. Our reputation and reviews mean everything to us, so you can be confident in knowing that your opinion of us is very important & our service to you will reflect that. We like to go above and beyond for our clients, and treat you as we would wish to be treated in your shoes.

To find out more and have an initial chat, contact us

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